Fall in love with your writing all over again

In the months following graduation from my MFA program, my writing hit a lull. I had no motivation to create. I knew this was a fairly normal phenomenon. After all, after three years of intense focus on my poetry, I needed a break. I needed to let my creative center lie fallow for a while. I needed to explore other projects.

Yet at the same time, I was worried. There are plenty of stories out there about writers who completed an MFA but never wrote anything else again after graduation. And I feared that was happening to me.

What got me through? A few things. The writings of Natalie Goldberg, who always reminds me how to cultivate my creative spirit. The work of Tommy Pico, which made me want to write again. And, ultimately, my yoga practice.

Showing up on my mat gave me structure. Meditation and mindful movement allowed me to connect body, mind, and creativity. The chance to practice yoga nidra, to make time for deep rest, helped me heal from my unhappy MFA experience.

Now I want to bring the tools of yoga nidra to you and your writing practice. Please join me on January 26th in Austin, Texas, for a two-hour mini retreat. This event is open to all writers of any genre. No yoga experience required. Come as you are; you don’t even need stretchy pants. After a gentle movement practice and freewriting, we’ll delve deep into guided relaxation, and then have space to work on our projects.

I’m offering 20% off on registration through the month of November. Please check out the detail on the Mini-Retreats page of my website. I look forward to helping you expand your creativity and fulfill your literary ambitions.