Teaching Creation

My teaching theme for the first third of the year is Creation. Specifically, I’m interested in the ways in which we can access our creative intuition, find inspiration, and get the motivation we need to complete projects.

For my January teaching, creation looked like the following:

  • Starting to blog with something resembling regularity again

  • Doing the same for my newsletter

  • Hosting the first Yoga for Writers mini-retreat (it went great! I can’t wait to do it again!)

  • Creating my first email subscriber offering

While I have things planned through April, life is always in flux. Blog post ideas I wrote down in December don’t seem as resonant now as ideas that popped into my head over the weekend. That’s fine. The little details can change all they want.

nidra happy hour.png

Here’s what’s coming up as we move through the end of winter and the beginning of spring:

  • After some time off from teaching, I’m launching a new group class! Yoga Nidra Happy Hour will happen on Mondays starting on February 4th. We’ll meet in the Mind/Body Studio on the 2nd floor of Soma Vida.

  • I’ll be launching the self-paced Yoga for Writers bundle, which includes an album of meditations as well as an ebook of journaling prompts. Look for that in late March!

And I’m already looking ahead to summer, including running a yoga nidra beginner’s series, and doing a special solstice event. I’d love to hear what you’d like out of a beginner’s series, or if there are other ways you need help integrating nidra practices in your life. Feel free to comment below!