Where I've been and where I'm going

2018 was one of the most fulfilling years of my yoga life. I completed three courses for my ParaYoga certification, took wonderful courses on ayurveda, yin yoga, and restorative yoga through Yoga International, joined Tracee Stanley’s Empowered Life Circle, and of course, I started Luna Nidra.

Hiking with new friends at the Four Desires training in October 2018.

Hiking with new friends at the Four Desires training in October 2018.

As 2018 rolled to a close, I reflected on what I wanted for my personal practice in 2019. I decided that I would experiment with writing myself a personal curriculum for the year. I’ve divided the year into thirds, and each quarter has its own theme. Each month then has an asana, meditation, and writing practice that reflects the theme, a book I want to read, and the sankalpa I’m working with. I’ve also noted where I’m signed up for retreats or workshops. (The latter half of the year is still in development on that front.)

I’m certain that as the year evolves, I’ll end up modifying the plan. I can’t possibly predict what I’ll need from my practice in October. In fact, the structure I give myself for January might create a shift that I couldn’t anticipate. So while I enjoyed the exercise of writing a personal curriculum, I’m also well aware that I might have to deviate from the plan. But that’s part of the practice, isn’t it?

I’ll be doing quarterly blogs about my personal curriculum, how it’s going, and what changes I’ve made. In my next post, I’ll do a more detailed breakdown of my focus for the first third of the year. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you about what your practice plans for 2019!