My 2019 Teaching Plan

Last week, I blogged about setting up a personal practice plan for the entire year. I also decided to do the same thing with my teaching. I got the idea while listening to an episode of the Yogaland podcast a few months ago. Unfortunately, I can’t remember which episode it was, but I know Jason Crandell was on it. (Oh, just listen to them all. They’re great!)

As with my personal practice plan, I’ve divided the year into thirds, with each year having its own theme. I’ve also broken down my goals for offerings each quarter. I’m not going to outline my entire plan here, for a few reasons. First, because if I talk about ideas too soon, they lose their fire. I don’t know why, but this is a painful lesson I’ve learned many times in my creative process. Second, some of my offerings, especially those in the latter half of the year, are still very tentative. There are a number of factors to juggle before I can make formal announcements, especially related to live events. But I will give a little summary here, as well as checking in with more detail from quarter to quarter.

My teaching theme for 2019 is The Creative Cycle. I want to look at all the ways in which yoga helps us manifest our projects and creative visions. To that end, the theme for January-April will be Creation. The theme for May-August will be Re-Vision, and the theme for September-December will be Release. In January I’ll host the Yoga for Writers mini-retreat, and in March I’ll launch a downloadable version of the course. Other plans for the year include an album of seasonal nidras, as well as an album of nidra practices for the lunar cycle.

I have one more post in this month’s series about my personal and teaching practices. Next time, I’ll break down the Creation theme in a bit more detail.

Teachers, have you ever tried to plan out a long-term curriculum for the year? How did it go?