Yoga Nidra Resources

Style of yoga nidra pioneered by Richard Miller, founder of the Integrative Restoration Institute. Very accessible for contemporary students, and those who would benefit from working with a trauma-informed practice. 

Yoga Nidra Network
An excellent online resource for both teachers and students. Includes a number of free and pay-what-you-can resources.

Yoga Podcasts

J. Brown Yoga Talks
My favorite yoga podcast. In-depth conversations that always make you think. 

Unrolled Podcast
Ryan and Kate never fail to make me laugh. Even when discussing heavy topics, their conversations never fail to brighten my mood. 

Weekly podcast hosted by Andrea Ferretti, with excellent discussions for teachers and students alike. 

Yoga Talk Podcast by Yoga International
Short and sweet discussions with the incredible faculty and guest teachers at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. 

Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast
A new podcast hosted by Mado Hesselink, which focuses on helping teachers expand their teaching and stay strong in their practice.   

Teachers and Practitioners I Admire

Founded by my teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. A style of yoga that embodies Tantric modalities to help students access their highest selves.

Sacred Sleep Yoga
Website of Jennifer Piercy, who specializes in yogic practices to facilitate sleep.

Tracee Stanley
ParaYoga teacher initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage who does wonderful work with sankalpa and yoga nidra. I love her Empowered Life meditations.